The Kennel

My kennel is located in a coutryside area, 12 km far from Bari, in the Southern Italy.

Completely sorrounded by the green country, my kennels have been built considering a series of things: size, spaces, functionality, exposure to the sun and wind, in order to work in the best conditions.

Every dog has a very big room covered by roof and linked to an outer passage. Every space is 19 m long and 2,5 m wide.

The kennels are linked to a 5000 m field where the dogs can run and play and show how agile they are. We often sit down in the garden and enjoy watching them.

In the kennels there are a grooming room and a whelping room, although the litters were always born in the house. The puppies move from home to the whelping space at the age of 20-25 days.

I am proud of the spaces I have planned and built for them... who are my life!